Game Rules

Three-in-a-row on Three Sides Wins

tCubed is a classic game with a strategic twist for groups on-the-go. The game is a modified version of tic-tac-toe that’s played on a cube. Players use arrows and portals to move from one side to another trying to get three-in-a-row on three sides before their opponent. Sound simple? Think again!

tCubed can be enjoyed by 1 to 4 players. If playing with 1 to 3 players, each player is on their own team. If 4 players then two players are on one team and the other two are on the second team. Each team selects a unique symbol like circle, square, and triangle. The following rules apply in all cases and show how to achieve a Basic Win when playing with two players. Look at the Challenges sections for more ways to play, win, and challenge yourself.

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