The Butterball Effect

A single memory of an unknown man handing my mom a Butterball turkey on a cold winter day has shaped my entire life.

I have no recollection of the man’s appearance nor race or religion. This memory holds no details about how old I was or the presents I unwrapped that year. In fact, the only other detail that remains vivid is how he made me feel. Loved and normal. No strings, no IOUs, no guilt or shame for being poor. Just loved as a human being.

This man could not have rationally expected that a twenty dollar turkey would alter that little boy’s life for the next twenty years; indeed, he probably thought it would only make a momentary impression later that evening when we all sat down to give thanks. He wasn’t trying to change the world; he was just doing something kind and good because he believed it mattered.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve tried to show my gratitude for that stranger’s random act of kindness by paying it forward in my own way. I have given my school lunch to a homeless man on a field trip and helped a single mom get home to her kids one snowy evening. After college, I volunteered with the Peace Corps as a teacher in Tanzania and created an HIV/AIDS education conference for students with disabilities.

Now, as a startup co-founder, I make games that encourage people to share a few minutes of happiness with others. This season, we are partnering with a charity to bring joy into people’s lives by taking a moment to play games with people in need.

Please join us by purchasing one of the gifts below for donation to Gamers Gift. It’s worth it.

  • Christopher Sprague
  • Co-founder | tCubed
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  • Give to Someone in Need

  • Need is not always defined in food and dollars. Sometimes it means longing for human connection. Give the gift of a moment of smiles and laughter over a game this Christmas.

    • 1 tCubed donated to Gamers Gift
  • $20

  • Give a Gift and

    Get 2

  • A game for a friend, something fun for you, and a gift for someone in need. Do your Christmas shopping and give to charity all at once!

    • 1 tCubed donated to Gamers Gift
    • 2 tCubeds shipped to you
  • $50

  • Give to a Group in Need

  • Reach more people in need of a smile and friendly face this holiday season. Spread the joy to children's hospitals, foster homes, VA hospitals, and assisted living communities.

    • 6 tCubeds donated to Gamers Gift
  • $100

  • Give the Gift of Mobility

  • Give the gift of human connection and the joy of traveling the world to people with limited mobility.

    • 6 tCubeds donated to Gamers Gift
    • 5 Tour and Travel Experiences for Oculus Rift Virtual Reality to Gamers Gift
  • $250

Gamers Gift

Mission and Purpose

Gamers Gift uses games to alleviate psychological stress caused by prolonged hospital stays from cancer, loneliness, poverty, or any other unfortunate circumstances one might face.

They play and donate games to children’s hospitals, foster homes, VA hospitals, and assisted living communities.

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